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5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Golf Clubs September 15, 2016

California, Campbell
5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Golf Clubs, California, Kentucky

Whether you’re practicing on the driving range or stepping up your skills with summer golf lessons, Hickory Sticks Golf Club is determined to help you achieve your best game. But a good game of golf doesn’t just depend on top-notch abilities—it also means having the best tools by your side.

Golf clubs, according to this 27-hole golf course in California, KY, help establish the foundation for better mechanics. However, golf clubs are not one-size-fits-all. There is a lot to consider when shopping for the best, including:

  • Clugolf-clubs-California-KYbhead Size: The clubhead—or the part of the golf club that hits the ball—is one of the most important elements to consider. Deciding on the right clubhead will depend on your ability level, or handicap. Generally, bigger clubheads offer more surface area to hit the ball with, and, therefore, offer a greater chance of meeting your target.
  • Shaft Length & Flex: The shaft, or the stick part of the club, can vary in length and should be determined by your height. “Flex” refers to the tensile strength of the shaft and should be adjusted based on your swing strength and clubhead preference. If your clubs tend to make more noise when you swing, opt for a stiffer flex. As far as materials go, graphite shafts are lighter than steel options and can offer faster swinging for greater distance.
  • Grip Thickness: The rubber covering on the shaft is known as the grip. Players with bigger hands will need thicker grips. When testing out different options, aim to find a grip that allows your middle and ring fingers to graze the surface of your thumb when wrapped around the club.
  • Loft Angle: Whether you’re looking at a driver, wood, or iron, loft is an important feature that refers to the angle of the clubhead relative to the shaft. This angle helps a player project how high the ball can be hit and how far it will go. Higher lofts mean higher trajectories, but shorter distances for the golf ball.
  • Iron Backs: It’s always good to have a decent selection of irons in your bag to help knock golf balls in the right direction when they are near the hole. Game improvement irons have “cavity backs,” which can fit a wide range of handicaps. They make for easier hitting at different spots on the clubhead. “Muscle back” irons are not as forgiving and require precision, but the end result can offer an impressive, balanced feeling when the ball is struck.  

Be sure to test out all your options when visiting a golf shop or asking your instructor for specifics tailored to your ability. As you continue to practice on the driving range, you’ll get a feel for what golf club features you need to adjust to improve your game. When you’re ready to put your golf clubs to the test, set up a tee time at Hickory Sticks Golf Club by calling (859) 635-4653 or by booking online.

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