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5 Types of Mulch That Will Enhance Your Garden's Appearance September 20, 2016

Moscow Mills, Lincoln
5 Types of Mulch That Will Enhance Your Garden's Appearance, Moscow Mills, Missouri

Mulch provides numerous benefits to gardens, from keeping weeds at bay to providing nutrients to plants. No one knows this better than the experts at River Bottom Topsoil in Lincoln County, MO. This local mulch delivery company offers a wide variety of gardening materials and will help you determine what’s best for you.

River Bottom Topsoil offers several varieties of mulch and wants clients to understand the benefits of each. Here are five kinds of mulch that will spruce up your garden while providing the nutrients it needs to survive winter:

  • Troy-MO-mulchShredded Bark: One of the most popular types of mulch, this sturdy material is recommended for gardens located on a slope. It comes in a selection of colors, and River Bottom Topsoil easily will coordinate it to complement your landscaping.
  • Cocoa Hulls: This material is known for its attractive appearance and smooth texture. It offers a subtle chocolate aroma and doesn’t fade, so the beautiful touch it adds to your landscape can be enjoyed all year.
  • Lincoln-County-MO-mulchStraw: Used more as a protective layer, straw has a lighter color that offsets the dark greens and browns of a garden. It decomposes at a slower rate than most materials, so you can rely on it to deter weeds and help plants retain moisture.
  • Pine Needle Mulch: Also recommended for sloped gardens, pine needles are a sturdy material that will enhance your landscape. The fine needles contrast with individual plants and offer long-term protection because they decompose slowly.
  • Gravel: While it doesn’t break down like other mulch materials, gravel is a beautiful alternative. River Bottom Topsoil recommends it for its ability to deter weeds while allowing water flow to reach the roots of plants.

With more than 20 years of working with bulk mulch, River Bottom Topsoil in Troy, MO, will provide the material that works best in your garden. To learn more about their mulch options, call (632) 462-5331 or contact them on their website. Check their Facebook page for more information about their services.

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