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3 Benefits of Consolidating Your Investments September 21, 2016

Covington, Kenton
3 Benefits of Consolidating Your Investments, Covington, Kentucky

Over the course of their lives, many people wind up with investment and savings accounts with several different providers. Perhaps you never rolled over a 401(k) from a previous employer, or you took advantage of a low-fee offer to start a new investment account. Over time, having assets spread throughout a variety of institutions can make calculating tax liabilities and developing a realistic assessment of your finances difficult.

According to Evergreen Advisors, experienced wealth advisors based in Covington, KY, there are several advantages to making consolidating your holdings part of your investment plan, such as:

  • Maximized Control: When one provider handles all your accounts, it's much easier to make sure all your investments work together and don't overexpose you to any particular risks. The simplicity also makes your own financial situation more transparent so you can easily determine how closely you're following your current investment plan.
  • investment planSeizing Tax Opportunities: If you have to consider each account separately, determining tax-loss harvesting opportunities can be extremely difficult and time consuming. When you can see your entire portfolio at a glance, you'll be better able to identify potential tax-saving strategies or an asset-location plan that allows you to keep track of your assets more readily.
  • Reduced Fees: Having your assets distributed across many providers might cause you to pay more for commissions and other fees. In general, having a greater concentration of assets with one company will usually qualify you for lower commissions or other opportunities to cut your expenses.

Whether you're in need of a financial services expert to help consolidate your holdings or you want to discuss a new investment plan, Evergreen Advisors has the specialized experience and range of services you need. Visit their website to learn more about how they can help you get the most out of your investments, or call (513) 784-9150 to make an appointment today.

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