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3 Easy Ways to Make a Visit to the Vet Hospital Less Stressful for Your Pet September 14, 2016

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 3 Easy Ways to Make a Visit to the Vet Hospital Less Stressful for Your Pet, Avon, Ohio

Visits to the doctor's office can sometimes be unpleasant for humans, and visits to the veterinarian can be just as awkward and stressful for our pets. Pets like familiarity, and a trip to the veterinarian means spending time getting poked and prodded in an environment full of new sights, sounds, and smells.

Based in Avon, OH, Avon Animal & Bird Hospital is a pet wellness center offering everything from pet grooming to surgery. The facility's experts offer these three tips for making trips to the veterinarian less stressful for your pet:

  • Establish Familiarity With The Vet Hospital: For your pet, one of the most frightening things about a visit to a veterinarian is the fact that the environment is completely foreign to them. To mitigate this, take your pet for casual visits to the facility between health appointments. This will give them a chance to become familiar with the surroundings and the employees in a low-pressure situation. 


  • Make Sure Your Pet Is Used To Being Touched: If your dog or cat is rarely touched, a visit to the vet hospital will be terrifying. Take the time to nuzzle, stroke, or cradle your pet every day. This activity will prepare them for the handling they will experience at the vet, and it brings the added benefit of strengthening the closeness you share with your animal companion. 
  • Use Treats & Toys To Reinforce Good Behavior: Positive reinforcement can work wonders. Rewarding your pets with treats and toys when they behave appropriately during interactions with the veterinarian is a fun and upbeat way to teach your pet how to behave during pet wellness visits. 

Choose Avon Animal & Bird Hospital to give your beloved pet the benefit of outstanding and unparalleled care. These veterinarians offer services ranging from flea control to dog vaccinations, and they will work hard to maintain or restore your pet's health. Call (440) 934-6516 to schedule an appointment, or learn more by visiting Avon's finest vet hospital online.

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