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5 Tips for Choosing a Crane Services Company September 20, 2016

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5 Tips for Choosing a Crane Services Company, High Point, North Carolina

Projects requiring crane services can be costly and time-consuming, so you want to make sure you are getting reputable and professional help. A&M Crane and Rigging in High Point, NC, has expert insight on what to look for in a crane services company, from insurance requirements to top-quality customer care.

Read on for five tips on what to think about when choosing a crane service:

  • crane servicesCheck Location & Availability: When hiring a crane service, you’ll ideally be able to find a local operator. Once you’ve found a crane service in your area, check their availability. Some crane projects may run over a period of months, while others—like removing fallen trees—may require immediate service. Confirming a crane service’s availability will quickly help you narrow down your options.
  • Ensure The Company’s Reputation: A reputable crane service will have full insurance coverage that they can show you upon request. If they can’t produce the relevant insurance documents promptly, move on! Your crane service provider should also have knowledge of the relevant permit requirements and public safety legislation for crane operation in your area.
  • Determine Your Exact Needs: Decide whether you want full crane service or if you simply need to rent a crane. You should also determine which type of crane you need: Hydraulic cranes, crawler cranes, and forklifts are three popular options. A crane services expert can help you figure out what you want based on the project at hand.
  • Check Employee Certifications: A good crane services company will have set training standards for their crane operators. Ask them about their training and certification requirements. You can also request to see the credentials of the employees who will be handling your project. 
  • Consider Their Customer Service: When it comes to large projects requiring crane services, you want to ensure you are getting excellent customer service. Your time and money are at stake, and you want a crane operator who respects this fact. Do their representatives give you a trustworthy impression? Do they answer your questions thoroughly and provide all requested documentation promptly?

A&M Crane and Rigging in High Point, NC, is dedicated to putting customers first. From house moving to steeple cleaning, their diverse services always come with friendly and professional customer care. Visit their website or call (336) 889-6000 to talk to a member of their team about your needs. 

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