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Why Concrete Fillings Are Necessary Fixes in Foundation Repair September 14, 2016

Louisville, Jefferson
Why Concrete Fillings Are Necessary Fixes in Foundation Repair, Louisville, Kentucky

The condition of a home or building’s foundation has a significant effect on the entire structure. A durable and stable foundation can prevent flooding, moisture, and the need for additional repairs. Factors, such as high foot traffic and weather changes, can cause concrete to weaken and crack; to prevent or resolve this type of problem, you should seek the help of a structural specialist to apply concrete fillers onto the foundation.

Since 1973, homes and businesses in Lexington and Louisville, KY, as well as West Chester, OH, have been relying on The Dwyer Company, Inc. for foundation repair to ensure their homes are healthy and in working condition.

Here are some of the reasons concrete fillings are necessary fixes in foundation repair:

  • Joint Protection: One of the first things to consider in stabilizing your concrete foundation is the environment the slab is in. Industrial floors, for instance, can be damaged by forklifts and other heavy vehicles if they are not filled properly. Concrete fillers are applied to protect the slab’s joint edges and prevent the concrete from breaking off under the weight of heavy loads and hard wheels.
  • foundation repairContaminant Prevention: Cracks and gaps on the concrete can allow water or moisture to penetrate the foundation, which could have detrimental effects on the durability of the concrete. Dirt can also accumulate in these gaps and contaminate other substrates that it comes into contact with. Through the precise application of concrete filler, you can ensure effective foundation repair.
  • Climate Exposure: Residential and commercial structures are exposed to various weather conditions all year round. To guarantee the integrity of the building’s foundation withstands any type of weather, the concrete should be solid enough to remain stable no matter what the soil moisture levels are around the structure. Regular concrete inspection and repair, including fillings, should make your foundation impervious to climate-related damage.

Address any signs of foundation trouble by hiring a reliable and experienced waterproofing company. Call The Dwyer Company, Inc. at any of the three locations: Bryan Station at (859) 231-0998; Auburndale at (502) 489-5438; and Tylersville at (513) 777-0998. You can also send them a message here.

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