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3 Benefits of Chimney Restoration for Your Kentucky Home September 13, 2016

Valley View, Ashland
3 Benefits of Chimney Restoration for Your Kentucky Home, Ashland, Kentucky

A chimney is an elegant home amenity, but it will not always stay that way without a little help. Sometimes, chimney restoration is necessary to fortify your infrastructure for the long run. Based in Ashland, KY, Cheap Sweep Chimney is an elite chimney specialist. Whether you need a chimney sweep or a chimney repair, the professionals will make sure it is working efficiently and safely. When there has been enough wear and tear on your chimney, opt for a chimney restoration

Advantages Of Chimney Restorations

Prevent Collapse

chimney restorationWhile your bricks themselves may be as solid as ever, over the years, it is likely that moisture has snuck between them and into the mortar. As the moisture freezes, it begins to expand, destabilizing your bricks and chimney. Without restorative tuck pointing, your whole chimney will be at risk of collapsing.

Increase Home Value

Another benefit of restoration is keeping your chimney looking timeless and beautiful. Having an attractive and working chimney will raise the value of your home. Always make sure it’s in top shape in case you decide to sell.

Prevent Fire

Beyond aesthetic concerns, chimney restoration can address major safety issues. If there has been internal damage that contributes to the clogging of the highly flammable creosote, it’s crucial that the experts make alterations to your chimney to thwart the possibility of a fire.  

If your chimney is not working correctly or looking a little worse for wear, contact Cheap Sweep Chimney for a chimney restoration. Call (606) 393-5667 to schedule an appointment today, or read more about the company online.