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Boost Your Immune System This Winter With Spa 88 Steam Rooms November 12, 2013

Financial District, Manhattan
Boost Your Immune System This Winter With Spa 88 Steam Rooms, Manhattan, New York

The winter season usually means colds, flus, and illness. Most think it is unavoidable; however there are methods and ways to keep your body healthy and resilient. Keeping one’s body relaxed is one of the fundamental ways to fight illness and increase the immune system. This may be easier said than done for some, but Spa 88 is here to help, offering massages, saunas, facials and steam rooms all aimed to dissolve stress and malaise.

Spa 88’s eucalyptus steam room combines the therapeutic effects of moist heat with inhalation therapy, creating a cleansing and soothing atmosphere that opens one’s sinuses, nasal passages and lungs. This release relieves congestion, pressure and discomfort. Inside, the steam room therapists can perform several supplemental body treatments such as a full body wash, body scrub, or platza.

Additionally, Spa 88 offers an infrared sauna, which uses infrared heaters to emit radiant heat. This kind of heat is directly absorbed by the body. This direct absorption offers a powerful antioxidant boost of vitamin D, which many lack during the looming overcast skies of winter. Vitamin D is important for metabolizing enzymes within the body and promoting cell growth, while also boosting the immune system and cellular regeneration.

After relaxing at the spa or steam room, one can head over to Spa 88’s juice bar. The open plan juice bar and lounge are a perfect supplement after a day of relaxation. With a myriad of healthy and nutritious smoothies, aromatic teas, and other drinks, one can give their immune system a final boost. Check out the Spa 88 website for a full list of facilities and offers.

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