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Pet Fashion & Grooming Shares 3 Benefits of Dog Grooming September 13, 2016

Washington Heights, Manhattan
Pet Fashion & Grooming Shares 3 Benefits of Dog Grooming, Manhattan, New York

If you're a first-time puppy owner, there are a lot of new responsibilities to keep up with, from making sure your pet is properly fed to taking it to the vet for regular appointments. Dog grooming is another essential part of keeping your four-legged friend happy and fit. 

Pet Fashion and Grooming, your one-stop shop for all your pet grooming needs in New York, understands your pup’s needs and wants to share the benefits of dog grooming:

  • dog groomingImproves Mood: After a bath and a nice, clean haircut, your dog will feel refreshed and more energetic. You should keep the hair around its paws short because dirt tends to settle in these areas. If neglected, these areas could become a breeding ground for lice and bacteria. You must also trim the hair around your dog's face that may obstruct its vision.                              
  • Gives A Clean & Healthy Coat: Groomers use specially formulated shampoo to keep your dog's coat shiny and its skin healthy. Regular bathing not only helps your dog smell good, it also helps remove lice, dead skin, and bacteria that can cause disease.
  • Protects Your Health: Dog fur can trigger allergies and asthma. However, dog grooming can protect you by preventing excessive shedding. Professional dog groomers use pet-friendly chemicals to treat your pup’s hair and reduce shedding.

Good hygiene is important to keeping your dog happy, healthy, and pretty. If you need professional dog grooming services, call Pet Fashion and Grooming at (347) 726-9409 to schedule an appointment today. Visit them online to learn more about their services.

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