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Should You Buy a UV Water Sterilizer? September 8, 2016

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Should You Buy a UV Water Sterilizer?, Hiawassee, Georgia

Even if you’re conscientious about drinking your eight to ten glasses of water a day, you may not be familiar with UV water sterilization. Using ultraviolet light as a water purification method has been popular for over a century, but it’s been offered in the form of a home water filtration system only for a few decades. At the Hiawassee, GA-based Chem Free Pure Water, the team provides clients with a comprehensive range of water purification and water filtration systems for the home. 

Here, the team will explain the basics of UV water sterilizers to help you decide whether they’re right for you:

What Are They?

UV water sterilizers use a lamp to direct UV light at water inside a chamber for a certain amount of time. The UV light damages the DNA of the bacteria and other potentially harmful organisms inside the water so they cannot multiply and cause adverse health effects. UV water sterilizers can be a great measure against almost all bacteria and many viruses as well.

What Are The Pros? 

UV water sterilizerUV water sterilizers are an affordable option for disinfecting your water and getting rid of harmful organisms that can cause disease. Additionally, they’re easy to install and maintain. They also don’t involve the use of additional chemicals in the disinfecting process, so the taste of the water stays the same.

What Are The Cons?

While UV water sterilizers do not change the taste of water, they also don’t change its quality. This means they are really only effective for water that is already clear, as opposed to water that has been muddied and needs to go through a water filtration process. The UV light cannot penetrate through water that has sedimentary residue in it. Additionally, UV radiation doesn’t remain in the water after the sterilization is done, so any bacteria that escaped the light may still remain.

Choosing a UV water sterilizer system ultimately comes down to the quality of the water available in your area and your sensitivity to the taste of your water. For more information on UV water sterilizers or to inquire about other water purification systems, contact Chem Free Pure Water at (800) 657-5150 or visit their website.

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