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Expedite Recovery Following Wisdom Teeth Removal With These 3 Tips September 6, 2016

New London, New London
Expedite Recovery Following Wisdom Teeth Removal With These 3 Tips, New London, Connecticut

Ensure a fast recovery after wisdom teeth removal with a few tips from the oral surgeons at SoundView Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery. Dr. Ross J. Sanfilippo and the team at this New London, CT, oral surgery center provide affordable wisdom teeth removal, jaw surgery, and tooth extractions, among other outstanding services. They also always have some helpful advice to share with patients and new customers alike.

Use the following tips to make your recovery after wisdom teeth removal much less painful:

  • Drink Cold Coconut Water: Drink ice-cold coconut water until you can eat soft foods again. Coconut water contributes to blood sugar and electrolyte stabilization, something necessary for promoting a quick recovery when eating solid foods is not possible. Ask your oral surgeon for smoothie recipes featuring coconut water if desired.

  • wisdom teeth removalAvoid Dry Socket: Prevent dry socket, or the dislodging of the blood clot over the wisdom tooth socket, with good oral hygiene. Use medicated mouth rinses as directed, rinse your mouth with salt water after eating, stop smoking for at least 24 hours following wisdom teeth removal, and do not touch the socket unless changing the gauze. Eat soft foods only and avoid anything that leaves residue, like popcorn and pasta.

  • Massage Jaw Joints: Massage your jaw joints on both sides by placing your fingers right before the openings of your ears. Doing so aids recovery because your mouth was open very wide during wisdom teeth removal. This results in possible myofascial pain and cramped masseter muscles, or some of the muscles you use to chew food.

Your New London oral surgeon also recommends keeping ice on the cheek closest to wisdom teeth extraction on the first day of your recovery, and using an oral cavity moisturizer if you typically breathe through your mouth. This prevents your mouth from drying out and causing the blood clot to dislodge.

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