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The 5 Different Types of Incontinence You Should Know About December 18, 2016

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The 5 Different Types of Incontinence You Should Know About, High Point, North Carolina

Urinary incontinence is a common and often uncomfortable condition. When it happens, it’s important to visit a qualified urology specialist like the experts at Medical Center Urology in High Point, NC. Since there are several different types of incontinence, each type will demand its own unique treatment.

According to the National Association For Continence, an estimated 25 million Americans experience urinary incontinence, and about three-quarters of those afflicted are women. Here are the five types of incontinence:

  • Overflow: When you have overflow incontinence, you can’t completely expel your bladder’s contents even if you feel like you need to. This may occur due to constipation, nerve damage, weakened bladder muscles, or some medications.
  • Stress: Incontinence often occurs under stress; daily tasks like exercising, sneezing, or laughing can provoke an accident. This is due to weakened or stretched pelvic floor muscles, which often occur as a result of pregnancy and childbirth. Prostate surgery, obesity, and some medications may also trigger the condition.
  • incontinenceUrge: If you feel like you “gotta go” frequently and urgently, you may have urge incontinence. Also called an overactive bladder, sometimes people with this condition don’t make it to the bathroom in time. Nerve damage, muscle damage, and a range of health conditions, including multiple sclerosis, diabetes, and Parkinson’s disease can cause an overactive bladder.
  • Functional: Functional incontinence means there’s not necessarily a direct issue with the functioning of your bladder. Instead, something prevents you from making it to the bathroom on time. Conditions like arthritis, back pain, and Alzheimer’s disease may lead to functional incontinence.
  • Mixed Urinary: Some people possess multiple urinary incontinence conditions, such as stress incontinence and an overactive bladder, at the same time. 

If you suffer from urinary incontinence, you’re not alone and there are experts who can help. Due to the different varieties of urinary incontinence, always seek the help of a professional to ensure you receive the specialized treatment you need. Fortunately, the experienced urology specialist at Medical Center Urology possesses the expertise and the tools to help you overcome your condition. To learn more, call the High Point practice at (336) 882-0220 or visit the website

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