Brooklyn Heights, New York

Seed Nutrition's SOUL Is Now BSCG-Certified! September 6, 2016

Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn
Seed Nutrition's SOUL Is Now BSCG-Certified!, Brooklyn, New York

SOUL takes the gold! NYC-based Seed Nutrition by Ansel & Bibi is proud to announce that SOUL, the high-powered, anti-oxidizing seed supplement, has earned a Gold Standard approval from the Banned Substances Control Group, or BSCG. With this certification, Seed Nutrition joins an elite group of producers who provide the very best health products for athletes and anyone who wants to eat clean with confidence. 

BSCG was formed in 2004 by anti-doping activists Don Catlin, Oliver Catlin, and Ryan Connolly. In the years since its formation, the organization has established stringent quality standards to support drug-free protection in professional sports and beyond. Their lab has tested thousands of products for nearly 500 different types of performance-enhancement substances, and only 2,000 have been validated for quality and purity—Seed Nutrition is proud to join this elite community.

seed nutrition nycAs part of the Gold Standard review process, BSCG reviewed Seed Nutrition’s products for quality control practices, investigated supply chain sources, and performed a full toxicology assessment. Passing on all counts, BSCG went a step further to provide Seed Nutrition’s SOUL with an unprecedented seal of approval: a public endorsement. The BSCG team shared the news of SOUL’s Gold Standard excellence over their social media channels, a truly proud moment for the Seed Nutrition team. 

The BSCG approval adds to Seed Nutrition’s long list of other certifications, including NSF (a third-party regulatory agency), GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), Brunswick Labs, and Halal accreditation. As always, Seed Nutrition products are guaranteed free of GMOs, meaning that there is no danger of genetically altered DNA appearing in any of their supplements. 

To find out more about SOUL and the rejuvenating powers of seed-based supplements, call Seed Nutrition by Ansel & Bibi at (917) 754-2731, or visit their website for more information.