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Can Car Thieves Hack a Keyless Entry? September 8, 2016

Kensington, Brooklyn
Can Car Thieves Hack a Keyless Entry?, Brooklyn, New York

Convenience and security are just two of the many benefits of a keyless entry system. It can prevent unauthorized people from accessing your car and provides more security than a traditional lock. Despite the enhanced security, some car thieves have found clever ways to disable the lock and gain entry into your vehicle. The number of reported cases may be small, but it pays to know how these thieves work so that you know what countermeasures to take.

Key N Lock in New York City, an expert in auto key replacement services, explains how car thieves can hack a keyless entry:

  • By Using A Signal Booster: With a keyless system, your car sends a low-frequency signal that can stretch a few yards away from your card. When the remote detects the signal, it transmits the signature code that opens the car doors. Experts believe that thieves are using a device that boosts the signal from your car so that it can be easily detected by your remote, even at a far distance. They suggest using proximity chips to prevent this type of hacking.
  • Keyless EntryBy Brute Force Hacking: In this method, hackers will try to decode the encrypted data in your car. They will use different code combinations until they find the right one to unlock the door of your car. This can be prevented by increasing the encryption level of your vehicle.
  • By Blocking The Frequency: Most car thieves use a frequency jammer to stop the signal from transmitting. Even if you tried to lock the door, your car remains unlocked because the command failed to transmit.  
  • By Copying The Keys & Programming: One surefire way to snatch your car is by copying the keys and its programs. Go to a trusted car locksmith for repairs to ensure that your security programming is safe.

To keep your automobile safe from thieves, seek out a reputable car locksmith like Key N Lock. Call them at (718) 374-5993 to learn more how you can maximize your security with a keyless entry, or visit their website to browse their other services.