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How to Close Your Swimming Pool in 7 Steps September 29, 2016

Butler, Morris County
How to Close Your Swimming Pool in 7 Steps, Butler, New Jersey

Winter is right around the corner, which means New Jersey homeowners will soon have to close their swimming pools for the season. Winterizing your pool is essential for a number of reasons, including protecting the foundation, lining, and pipes against cracks caused by freezing waters. Specially formulated winter kits also ensure your pool maintains the proper pH balance that won’t cause premature corrosion or algae buildup. 

Since closing your swimming pool is so important, you need to be careful about performing the task correctly. Here’s how to winterize your pool in seven easy-to-follow steps:

  • Swimming PoolAdd A Phosphate Remover: At least a week before you winterize and close your pool, add a phosphate remover and brush and vacuum the pool. This will keep algae from forming while the pool is covered.
  • Adjust Your Water Levels: Winters in New Jersey often reach freezing temperatures, so drain your water a few inches below the skimmer to keep any decorative tiles at the water level from freezing and cracking.
  • Backwash Your Filter: Drain your filter tank and leave the backwash valve open. If necessary, blow it out with a compressor or vacuum, but try to avoid using harsh cleaning chemicals. They can degrade the filter’s parts during winter.
  • Disconnect Your Pump, Filter, & Heater: Remove and drain the pump of all water. Remove the drain plugs and secure them in the pump’s basket for safe keeping. Do the same with the heater, but leave the heater tray in place.
  • Winterize All Exposed Pipes: All pipes need to be blown out and dried so they don’t expand and crack over the winter. Secure any exposed pipes by wrapping them in duct tape. You should also add swimming pool antifreeze.
  • Swimming PoolRemove Detachable Accessories: Remove the ladder, diving board, return jet fittings, and skimmer baskets.  Store them together so you don’t loose the fittings.
  • Use A Pool Cover: You’ll need to cover your pool for the winter. Detachable vinyl covers are popular, but be careful of using one that is damaged or has holes. It’s usually more effective to install a custom-made pool cover that can be used year round. 

Using these tips will help you extend the life of your swimming pool and protect it during the winter. If you want to update your pool, winter is a great time to schedule repairs or renovations. If you live in Morris County, New Jersey, call Metro Pools at (973) 492-7665 to receive a quote. As the state’s leading custom swimming pool designers, you’ll find everything you need to build your home oasis. They also offer pool covers and replace liners. To view their portfolio, visit their website and connect with Metro Pools on Facebook today. 

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