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What Is SR-22 Insurance? Cincinnati Bail Bond Experts Explain September 7, 2016

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What Is SR-22 Insurance? Cincinnati Bail Bond Experts Explain, Cincinnati, Ohio

If you've had your driver's license suspended, the state may require proof that you're adequately insured before letting you get back behind the wheel. In many states, drivers who have been accused of a DUI or who have been ticketed for multiple traffic offenses over a relatively short period of time will need to purchase SR-22, a special policy for drivers who are trying to get their licenses reinstated.

According to Bob Shropshire Bail Bonds in downtown Cincinnati, not all insurance carriers offer SR-22 insurance, so many drivers turn to a specialist to get the coverage they need.

SR-22 insuranceIn short, SR-22 insurance takes into account your higher risk while providing the state with the forms required to prove you're carrying valid insurance. Because you can't obtain and fill out these forms yourself, your insurance carrier will prepare and submit them for you. In general, most drivers can expect to pay higher premiums than they would have before their suspension, but an insurance company offering SR-22 policies can be a lifesaver, providing coverage when most traditional carriers won't.

If you receive a court order requiring you to carry SR-22 insurance, the experts at Bob Shropshire Bail Bonds can help. They maintain relationships with a variety of insurance companies, so you can rest assured knowing you're receiving the best policy for you at a great price.

In addition to dependable, friendly insurance expertise, Bob Shropshire Bail Bonds also has the experience and expertise to get your loved ones released from police custody anywhere in the city. They offer expert services anywhere in the city, day or night, and have the local area expertise to make sure your loved ones are released as soon as possible.

Visit the Bob Shropshire Bail Bonds team online to learn more about the broad array of services offered, or call (513) 721-3915 to schedule a consultation today.

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