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Electric vs. Acoustic Guitars: How to Choose the Right Instrument September 7, 2016

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Electric vs. Acoustic Guitars: How to Choose the Right Instrument, Fairborn, Ohio

If you want to learn how to play an instrument, the guitar is a great way to get started as a musician. With a few months of practice, you’ll be able to play a few different songs, understand the basics of the instrument, and maybe even perform with others. As you’re browsing through the inventory at Absolute Music in Fairborn, OH, their staff of experienced musicians and teachers suggest trying out both acoustic and electric guitars and then making your purchase based on your interests and goals.

Before you begin, Absolute Music suggests learning the major differences between electric and acoustic guitars:

Electric Vs. Acoustic Guitars 

Electric Guitars

Electric-guitars-Fairborn-OHFor those of you looking to play popular music, starting off with an electric guitar is the wisest choice. You’ll be able to pick up songs from a variety of genres, including rock, jazz, pop, and alternative. Since electric guitars require the use of an amplifier, you can quickly and easily achieve that industry sound that you’re used to hearing on the radio. When compared to acoustic guitars, electric models are generally easier to play because they have a smaller body, thinner neck, and strings with a lighter gauge.

Acoustic Guitars

Lovers of folk, classical, and country music usually gravitate toward acoustic guitars, as they’re used more often in these genres. Because acoustic guitars don’t need an amplifier, you’ll be able to cut back on costs and eliminate the need to rely on a power source. While the neck and body of acoustic guitars are larger than those of electric guitars, acoustic models allow you to achieve that smooth, resonant, all-natural sound that you’d expect from a singer-songwriter album or an open mic performance.

Still not sure what guitar is right for you? Absolute Music keeps their shelves stocked with a plethora of acoustic and electric guitars, so you can stop by their Fairborn, OH, shop anytime you’d like to give them a try. For more information, call (937) 878-0123 or visit them online today.

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