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Treat Seasonal Allergies & Quit Smoking With The Best Acupuncture in NYC April 1, 2014

Chelsea, Manhattan
Treat Seasonal Allergies & Quit Smoking With The Best Acupuncture in NYC, Manhattan, New York

Acupuncture therapy, a traditional Chinese and alternative medicine, is used to treat a wide range of physical and emotional ailments. By targeting individual parts of the body, trained acupuncture therapists can unlock the secrets to your body’s self-healing process. Muscle tension, anxiety, headaches, insomnia, and sports injuries can all be treated by your unique acupuncture plan. At Olo Acupuncture, helping patients recover through group acupuncture sessions is what they do best!

Today, two of the most-requested acupuncture treatments are relief from strong, uncomfortable seasonal allergies, and assistance in quitting smoking. Patients of all ages—from children to adults to seniors—can be treated for allergy symptoms with acupuncture. It’s an increasingly common practice, especially as Americans begin to develop immunities to their typical allergy drug.

Acupuncture to aid in patients’ kicking the dangerous habit of smoking, meanwhile, is a more novel practice. By soothing the mind, helping find a meditative state, and utilizing a 100% safe, drug-free method to treat nicotine withdrawal, acupuncture has helped numerous patients recover from years of harmful addiction.

The experienced acupuncture clinic will listen to client's needs, understanding their fears, concerns, and ideal outcome from their acupuncture sessions. Then, by placing several individuals in a room at once, the healing energy that comes from a group dynamic will enhance the result of acupuncture therapy. It’s been proven! If you’re ready to combat your seasonal allergies, smoking addiction, or other personal struggle through the ancient Chinese art of healing, contact Olo Acupuncture to set up an appointment. Call (212) 595-3432 to schedule your first session, and visit the website to learn more about the healing benefits of group acupuncture!

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