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3 Key Signs of a Computer Virus: PC Repair Can Help! September 6, 2016

Charleston, Staten Island
3 Key Signs of a Computer Virus: PC Repair Can Help!, Staten Island, New York

Your computer is an important part of your daily life, helping you be more productive at work and connecting you with friends, information, and entertainment at any time. When Staten Island computer users find themselves in need of PC repair, they turn to the experts at Alpha Laser Richmond Corp. This Staten Island-based computer and printer repair shop proudly serves New York City, Long Island, Westchester, and nearby northern and central New Jersey. In addition to getting computers and printers back up and running, Alpha Laser Richmond Corp. offers ink cartridge and toner recycling, helping customers make their workplaces more eco-friendly.

Many computers and operating systems come bundled with antivirus software for your protection, however, new malware is developed every day. Software companies can’t create security patches and updates against a new threat until they know what the threat is, and this lag time can leave your computer vulnerable. Being able to recognize the signs of an infection means you will be able to get professional PC repair assistance and secure or recover your data faster.

3 Key Signs Of A Computer Virus

1. Sudden Erratic Performance 

PC repairA computer that runs slowly, crashes, or no longer recognizes peripherals like printers and external hard drives is likely to be infected. An infected computer may also not allow you to open programs or access the files you need. The tell-tale sign of an infection is that these performance issues will begin suddenly; a computer that gradually slows down is more likely to need a software update or file cleanup.

2. Pop-Ups

Many web browsers now have pop-up blockers built in, but a sophisticated virus can still find a way to push unwanted dialog boxes. Some new pop ups are even designed to lock your entire computer. This type of pop up often has official-looking government insignia and will alert you that illegal activity has been suspected; it will also tell you that you must call the number on your screen and provide payment to unlock your machine. If you see this type of message, contact a PC repair shop immediately for a professional virus removal service.

3. No Updates Allowed

Since antivirus software companies and operating systems developers release patches and updates in response to security threats, a computer that is already infected may be blocked from trying to download and install the latest versions of the software you need. You may even find that the icon for your antivirus software has been hidden from your desktop.

If any of these signs seem familiar, don’t wait to contact a PC repair professional. The experts at Alpha Laser Richmond Corp. can help you regain control of your computer and protect your data again. Visit them online or call (718) 317-1263 to find out how to get started.

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