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Why Choose Custom Metal Fencing Over Wooden Fencing for Your Farm? September 7, 2016

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Why Choose Custom Metal Fencing Over Wooden Fencing for Your Farm?, Wood, Missouri

When you have a fence installed on your farm, you want to be sure you choose a durable material that will last. Fences are designed to protect and secure your valuable assets and for agricultural and farming purposes, your livelihood depends on this protection.

Douglass Steel in Mountain Grove, MO, has been providing quality metal fabrication and distribution services for more than five decades and recommends using their materials to build your fence. There are several advantages to using custom metal fencing rather than another material like wood, such as:

  • custom metal fencingDurability: Metal fencing can really stand the test of time. The material is more durable than wood or other materials and its cost pays off in the long run. Wooden fencing requires frequent maintenance and doesn’t always hold up to inclement weather. 
  • Security: Wooden fences are much easier to break into than custom metal fences, which are more sturdy. You always want to choose the most secure material to prohibit intruders from entering and your animals from getting out.
  • Aesthetics: Custom metal fencing is not only durable and secure; it enhances the look of your property, too. You have plenty of options to choose from, so you’ll be able to get a fence that complements the aesthetics of the rest of your land.

Metal fencing is a great choice for agricultural and farming purposes. For more information about the metal fabrication services offered by Douglass Steel, call (417) 926-5589 today. Each of their metal products is made with the highest quality and is always reasonably priced to suit your budget. To learn more about their extensive range of products, visit them online today.

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