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Top 5 Benefits of Putting Shingle Roofing Over Your Head August 29, 2016

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Top 5 Benefits of Putting Shingle Roofing Over Your Head, Fairbanks, Alaska

When choosing material for a new roof, you have several different options. For many clients in Fairbanks, AK, the team at Wagner State Roofing recommends shingle roofing. This versatile and affordable roofing option is a popular one because of its aesthetic, financial, and functional advantages.

The Top 5 Benefits Of Shingle Roofing

1. Aesthetic Variety

Shingle RoofingRoofing contractors often suggest homeowners opt for shingle roofing because it allows them to create a house with curb appeal. Shingles come in a wide variety of colors and shapes, allowing people to customize the look of their home. Yet, they’re also just subtle enough to blend in with any surrounding environment. This will help you enjoy your home and will make it more attractive to buyers if you decide to sell it.

2. Affordable Installation & Maintenance

Shingle roofing is a very affordable option, as is maintaining it. The upfront costs are low and, typically, it will be over a decade until it comes time to consider scheduling repair or maintenance work. Even when that does occur, such repairs are typically inexpensive.

3. Fit For Any Roof

Because shingles are lightweight, the roof structure does not need much additional support. As such, shingles can be installed on almost any roof.

4. Easy To Install

Installing a shingle roof is a job that just about any roofing contractor can handle. Going with this option will ensure the work gets done quickly and reliably.

5. Durable & Reliable

Despite being lighter than many other roof options, shingles are still very durable. They are able to stand up to many different types of weather, meaning you won’t have to worry about needing roof repair every time a storm hits.

Learn more about the benefits of shingle roofing by contacting the experts at Wagner State Roofing. Visit them online to learn more, or call (907) 488-9003.