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4 Back-to-School Tips From College Preparation Pros September 6, 2016

Bernards, Somerset
4 Back-to-School Tips From College Preparation Pros, Bernards, New Jersey

As summer draws to a close, it can mean only one thing: the first day of school is fast approaching. This is an exciting time—the new academic year allows students a fresh start after a well-deserved break—but, as the college preparation and tutoring pros at Basking Ridge, NJ’s Crawford Academics would tell you, it’s crucial for kids to start the semester off right. Since this time of year can get stressful for both parents and children, these tutors offer up some helpful tips to prepare for the coming school year.  

So how do you make sure your kids are ready for the new semester? Read on to see what these college preparation professionals recommend:

  • Supplies: A big aspect of getting back into the swing of things for kids involves socialization—you want them to fit right in. You’ll definitely need to get school supplies and clothing for the new year. Make sure to find out if the school has a dress code or offers suggestions for what they should have.
  • Bed Time: It’s a good idea to start adjusting sleep schedules before the semester starts. Try to impose an earlier bed time at least a week in advance and make sure you’re getting the kids up earlier in the day. This will make them better able to adjust to being up and ready to go when classes are in session.
  • college preparationDo Your Homework: Do a little research about the school and classes your child will be attending. It’s a good idea to talk to the principal, teachers, nurse and guidance counselor and show that, as a parent, you’re engaged with the learning process. You may also want to go over any potential health issues with the school nurse.
  • Conversation: Have a talk with your child and allow them to air out any anxieties and share their feelings. This will give them a sense of agency, and they’ll know that they can come to you if they’re experiencing any problems. Try to be as open as you can and ask them how you can help during the transition.  

As you’re getting your child ready for another great year, know that, should they require extra help with their subjects or ACT / SAT prep, there’s no better team in New Jersey to work with than the one at Crawford Academics. To learn more about these tutoring and college preparation professionals, check out their website or call them at (908) 647-9320. You can also keep up with them on Facebook or Twitter