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Get All Your Essential Photography Equipment at 17th Street Photo January 18, 2013

Union Square, Manhattan
Get All Your Essential Photography Equipment at 17th Street Photo, Manhattan, New York

Whether you are a budding photographer just beginning to understand the complexities of photography, or a veteran with years of experience, finding a store with consistent and quality merchandise can be a challenge. 17th Street Photo offers a myriad of camera equipment, camera lens, lights, and anything else one may need to capture that perfect moment. The experts at 17th Street Photo have compiled a list of necessities any photographer will need whether in the field or in studio.

  • Any serious photographer should be equipped with two camera bodies. The simple reason is that you should always have a plan B in case Plan A gets lost, stolen, broken, or simply stops working. Having two bodies also allows you to work quickly when shooting situations that may
    require multiple lenses. Switching to a new camera is much faster than fumbling with lenses.
  • It is critical that you invest in a high quality lens. Different situations call for different
    lens. Natural landscapes compared to close ups, illuminated versus night vision, wide angle or standard... all these factors should be considered when choosing the right lens for the right shot. The more variety you have, the more precise your picture will be.
  • A tripod is another key item in any photographer’s inventory. Having a retractable or folding one on hand is essential for virtually any situation.
  • Finally, all photographers should invest in a quality camera bag. It is pointless to invest so much money and time into equipment if it is going to be damaged or destroyed during traveling. Find a camera bag that is durable and strong, that can withstand the elements and keep your equipment organized. 17th Street Photo has a wide selection of camera bags, and is offering 25% off all camera bags only in the stores Chelsea location.

Equip yourself with the latest and most innovative photography equipment from 17th Street Photo.