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Great Buy: Bring The Lightweight and Portable GoPro Cameras With You Anywhere April 24, 2013

Union Square, Manhattan
Great Buy: Bring The Lightweight and Portable GoPro Cameras With You Anywhere, Manhattan, New York

The world of digital photography is a dynamic and ever-changing place. New innovations are constantly entering the market, allowing even the most novice photographers to capture beautiful images. With so much overwhelming selection, information, and camera accessories, photography may seem like a field that is impossible to grasp. Luckily, 17th Street Photo provides an all-inclusive camera shop, including easy point-and-shoot cameras and advanced photography equipment.

17th Street Photo now carries the GoPro HD camera, a perfect balance of portability and performance. GoPro is the leading manufacturer of durable sports cameras, specially designed for sports and other activities. GoPro specializes in capturing movement clearly, allowing you to record or snap exact moments in time.

Unlike most normal cameras, GoPro HD allows you to capture the entirety of your activities with a long lasting battery capable of recording up to 2.5 continuous hours. It also has room for a 32 GB SD card, allowing it to store and record footage on the go.

GoPro cameras come in a variety of designs and are ideal for those who want to capture images during rough activities like surfing, water skiing, and bungee jumping. GoPro can be attached to a vest or helmet to capture the full first person experience.

Check out the new line of GoPro cameras as well as a number of other photo accessories, bodies and lens at 17th Street Photo.