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Here's How a Bankruptcy Lawyer Will Help You Get Out of Debt September 6, 2016

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Here's How a Bankruptcy Lawyer Will Help You Get Out of Debt, Greece, New York

Living life in the shadow of looming debts is often stressful, especially when you can't see a way out. Fortunately, you don't have to spend the rest of your life struggling to keep your head above water. The Law Offices of George Mitris, a Rochester, NY, attorney with over a quarter century of experience, urges everyone facing aggressive creditors to consult with a bankruptcy lawyer, who will identify all of your options and help reclaim your life from debt.

For many borrowers, filing for bankruptcy can be the fastest way to get out of debt. Depending on the type of debts you carry and your income, you may qualify for either Chapter 7 bankruptcy, a program which completely eliminates your unsecured debt, or Chapter 11 bankruptcy, which allows you to catch up on missed payments. While the process for submitting a petition is extremely complex, a skilled bankruptcy lawyer will guide you through, helping you get the most out of filing.

bankruptcy lawyerEven if you decide that bankruptcy isn't right for you, a lawyer can still offer valuable services, protecting your rights in the face of relentless debt collectors. For example, they can negotiate settlements with your creditors with payment plans and lower balances, defend you in court, and identify illegal activity by debt collectors. In many cases, having a bankruptcy lawyer will compel your debt collectors to treat you with greater respect and courtesy, which in itself can be a welcome relief.

Over the years, The Law Offices of George Mitris has provided debt relief for thousands of families throughout the area. When you're looking for a way out of debt, you can rely on the legal team to make your options understandable and help you find the solution you need. Call the offices today at (585) 225-7830 to schedule a consultation with a bankruptcy lawyer, or visit their website to learn more about the debt relief options available. You can also connect with the law office on Facebook.

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