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Get Adobe's New Lightroom 5 & Top Photo Editing Software at 17th Street Photo September 27, 2013

Union Square, Manhattan
Get Adobe's New Lightroom 5 & Top Photo Editing Software at 17th Street Photo, Manhattan, New York

In addition to being stocked with the latest camera models, lenses, and the most extensive photo accessories, 17th Street Photo also has the most progressive and advanced photo editing software. Earlier this year Adobe shipped the final release of Photoshop Lightroom 5 - the latest version of its image organizing and editing program that makes it even easier to enhance your photos.

The Photoshop Lightroom 5 software for Mac and Windows is a complete photo development studio perfect for amateur photographers and professionals. Lightroom takes a unique approach to photo editing, allowing you to edit and crop without effecting original images. Lightroom also serves as a powerful organizational tool for your photographs: organize photos to suit your needs with a customizable template structured around specific criteria.

Lightroom serves as a gateway to import and export images from your hard drive or memory card with ease. Leave images in their original location, copy and move to a different folder, or copy and convert them into Adobe’s .DNG format.

Lightroom offers a wide array of editing tools that gives your photographs an unparalleled level of beauty and style. Pick up Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5, as well as other editing software from and the latest camera models at 17th Street Photo.