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How Senior Communities Will Benefit Your Aging Loved One September 2, 2016

Heath, Licking
How Senior Communities Will Benefit Your Aging Loved One, Heath, Ohio

When you were growing up, your parents took care of you. Now, you’re watching them age, and you’re realizing you’ve become the caretaker. It’s not easy to see an independent person lose the ability to bathe or use the toilet. Yet, Mom and Dad are struggling, and you can’t ignore it any longer—it’s time for assisted living. If you live in Licking County, OH, consider placing your elderly loved one at The Chapel Grove Inn. Located in Heath, this senior community offers personalized care 24 hours a day, so you can rest assured your loved one is in good hands.

For seniors who are worried about losing their independence but still need extra help with daily activities, assisted living is the perfect solution. Here are four ways senior communities will improve your loved one’s quality of life:

  • Social Interaction: Living alone can get lonely, especially if friends and family are far away. Senior communities are a great place for your loved one to interact with others, make new friends, and take part in different social activities.
  • Housekeeping & Daily Chores: Daily activities, like bathing, using the bathroom, cleaning, or cooking, can start to become a burden for many seniors. With assisted living services, your loved one won’t have to worry about any of these chores. The staff members at The Chapel Grove Inn will provide round-the-clock care and support. 
  • senior communitiesSafety First: Senior communities are designed to encourage mobility and accessibility. Instead of spending extra money to modify your loved one’s current home, take advantage of a facility designed to meet their needs. If a fall or accident occurs, someone will always be there to help.
  • More Exercise: Regular exercise is important for both physical and mental health. For those who aren’t sure where to start, The Chapel Grove Inn offers organized fitness classes and a paved walking trail. It won’t take long for your loved one to get moving!

Making the transition to assisted living can seem a bit overwhelming, but the caring staff members at The Chapel Grove Inn are always happy to help. To schedule a tour, call (740) 522-4663, or visit the website for more information on ways senior communities can improve a senior’s quality of life.  

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