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Seventeenth Street Photo Launches New Blog January 17, 2014

Union Square, Manhattan
Seventeenth Street Photo Launches New Blog, Manhattan, New York

Seventeenth Street Photo proudly announces the launch of its new blog, Welcome to Depth of Field, as well as a companion newsletter. We hope you will join us in the conversation! Our mission at Seventeenth Street Photo is to Keep You in the Know, whether you are purchasing or evaluating, or have a question on using your new or existing equipment- Our staff is a resource of information for you long after the sale of your item!

Why did we choose the name "Depth of Field"? Depth of field is one of the most elemental and crucial concepts for a photographer to understand. And just like depth of field, Seventeenth Street Photo has played a crucial role in the NY Tri State area's photography community. We hope this blog will provide you with valuable information that is just as important as understanding the fundamental concept it is named for.

We hope that you will enjoy both the Newsletter and the Blog, and share your knowledge and your photographs via it, Facebook and Twitter.

We are also very excited to welcome Hoodman USA to our new Vendor Spotlight position. Stay tuned for content from Hoodman provided just for our followers.

We are excited to have photo contests, and special deals and promotions in the upcoming year.

So please make Seventeenth Street Photo your destination for all your photography needs- whether you have questions on how to shoot the perfect portrait in natural light, or need to know the best lens to use to shoot your kid's little league game, we are here for you on Facebook, Twitter & now on Wordpress at the Depth of Field blog. And of course come see us in person- with the best customer service in the tri state area!

Please follow us and Stay in the Know with Seventeenth Street Photo!

The Depth of Field Blog can be found at 17stphoto.wordpress.com.

All the best,
Your Friends at Seventeenth Street Photo

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