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What is Your Dream Photo Outing? May 23, 2014

Union Square, Manhattan
What is Your Dream Photo Outing?, Manhattan, New York

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What is your dream photo outing?

Last week I talked about underwater photography, and gave some tips from Scott Gietler and his
site UnderwaterPhotographyGuide.com I have been talking a lot about the extremes photographers will go to in order to capture a great shot, and about using binoculars in order to find that shot first. The use of binoculars in photography has me interested lately. The store has been carrying these terrific Nikon binoculars of varying magnifications, and i have been a lens junkie since I first picked up a camera. When I saw all these Nikon binoculars and their strange names like Trailblazer 8×25 , and realized the numbers stood for F-Stop and Focal Length like a camera lens...instant intrigue! And so my little series on how photographers are using binoculars in their photography, some even going so far as to attach their cameras onto their binoculars to literally extend their focal distance was born. It turns out things like weight, image stabilization all things to look for when you are buying a pair of binoculars, just like a lens – but other nifty features I saw on the Nikon site- compasses, scopes, and more can be found in your binoculars, depending on what you are using them for. They even have binoculars for GOLF . So, what would be your dream photo outing be for using binoculars? I decided mine would undoubtedly be a sea-faring adventure of some kind. Well, what do you know I go to Nikon’s page on binoculars and they are split into groups, “Marine” being one of them. Turns out Marine binoculars are ideally waterproof and fog proof.

Nikon makes a pair like this, and they even come with a compass! Which is helpful because you may need that on your whale watching boat – I know I would! Perchance to dream- but maybe not! I type in whale watching and binoculars into google, not knowing what to expect, only to have this pop up first on the list- http://mommypoppins.com/nyc-whale- watching-dolphin-kids-rockaway-long-island . It turns out there is whale watching right here in my own backyard of NYC, and my whale watching dream may not be so out of reach! I admit, when I think of whale watching, I do tend to think of Alaska. Thus far in my photographic life in NYC, my maritime expeditions have included the famous Coney Island Mermaid Parade and the Koi pond at our favorite Chinese restaurant...

It looks like I might have to go grab myself a pair of Nikon’s and get myself on that Whale Watching boat, as my dream photo outing is closer than I thought. What will you do to make your dream photo outing a reality this summer? Comment here, Tweet us @17thstreetphoto or visit our blog at http://17stphoto.wordpress.com

photos by Dana Loren