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Learn The Benefits of Metal & Wood Picture Frames From Conservation Framing Services May 12, 2014

Union Square, Manhattan
Learn The Benefits of Metal & Wood Picture Frames From Conservation Framing Services, Manhattan, New York

Whether you operate an art gallery or you want to display beautiful pieces of artwork around your home, the way in which you frame your pictures greatly enhances its visual appeal. For more than 15 years, Conservation Framing Services has been providing custom framing, picture hanging, and art restoration services to clients throughout New York City. The art conservation service strives to create a safe environment where your art can beautifully thrive for years to come.

Picture frames are made from a variety of materials, such as glass, acrylic, plastic, and stone. Most frames tend to be made out of either metal or wood, as they are available in numerous colors and can be styled in almost any way. Both types of frames will enhance the overall décor of your home or gallery.

Each type of picture frame has its own unique benefits, such as:

  • Wood: For centuries, wood has been the traditional material for framing pictures. Wood can be stained and painted nearly any color, which allows it to work well with various pictures. Wood can also be adorned with ornate details, allowing you to insert a bit of your personality into your artwork.
  • Metal: Frames made of metal offer a more modern look for your artwork. A narrow metal frame can easily recede into the background, which is perfect when you really want your art to stand out. Unlike a wooden frame, if a metal frame gets damaged in any way, it’s possible to replace only the damaged side instead of having to replace the frame in its entirety.

Both metal and wood frames offer enhanced beauty and reliable protection for your artwork. Regardless of what type of material you prefer, when you make an appointment with Conservation Framing Services, you’ll speak with framing and art restoration experts who will carefully create the frame you desire. For more information on picture framing, visit the art conservation company online.

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