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3 Warning Signs That Radiators Need to Be Repaired September 2, 2016

North Madison, Lake
3 Warning Signs That Radiators Need to Be Repaired, North Madison, Ohio

Radiators are an important part of a vehicle’s engine. They are responsible for pumping coolant to maintain a safe engine temperature, preventing damage to your vehicle. Should you notice any radiator problems, bring your car into Madison Muffler and Auto as soon as possible. Serving Lake County, OH, this team of mechanics explains that there are a few key radiator problems you should watch out for.

While regular tuneups will often catch faulty engine parts before they cause too much trouble, these warning signs are common indicators that your car’s radiator is not working properly:

  • Overheating: If the needle on your dashboard’s temperature gauge is consistently pointing to “hot” or your car overheats, leaving you with steam billowing from your hood, this is an obvious sign that your radiator needs to be repaired immediately.
  • radiatorsRust & Discoloration: Radiators that experience a leak often form discolored or rusted spots due to leaking fluid evaporating quickly after landing on hot engine components. While not as troubling as an overheated engine, these discolored spots are a common sign that you should have your car’s radiator checked by a professional.
  • Coolant Issues: Trouble with your vehicle’s coolant is another common way of discovering a radiator problem. Regularly check the fluid levels of your car and inspect it for leaks. If your vehicle has low coolant levels or is leaking a bright green fluid, your radiator is likely at the root of the problem.

Whether you need repairs for your radiator or another auto part, the team at Madison Muffler and Auto will provide high-quality, dependable service for your vehicle. To learn more about the services offered by this auto repair shop in Madison, OH, or to set up an appointment, visit them online or call (440) 428-2677.