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The JEI Learning Center of Jersey City is designed to inspire children of all different ages and proficiency levels to work hard and truly enjoy the learning process. Featuring math, English, reading, and writing courses, children can choose which programs they need the most help in and reach their academic goals in no time. For more information, visit us today at 140 Bay Street, Jersey City, NJ 07302.

Leading Learning Center Offers Exceptional English Program August 30, 2016

Historic Downtown, Jersey City
Leading Learning Center Offers Exceptional English Program, Jersey City, New Jersey

No one knows how important it is to develop a strong foundation of learning more than the professionals from JEI Learning Center in San Jose, CA. They offer a wide range of early education services, including an intensive English program designed to help your child go above and beyond expectations. If you want to put your child on the fast track to success and also create a strong foundation of learning for them to build upon, then the JEI English curriculum is ideal.

What Exactly Is The JEI English Program?

english programDesigned for children enrolled in prekindergarten through ninth grade, the JEI English program aims to making learning fun and engaging. By progressing in small steps, learners are able overcome obstacles and achieve their language goals, while simultaneously reinforcing weaker areas to build stronger English language skills. Teachers work closely with students to make sure these goals are met, tracking progress with regular reports each week.

What Are The Materials Used?

JEI Learning Center South San Jose knows that every child learns differently, which is why an individualized study program is developed for each student and comprised of specialized workbooks designed to improve grammar, vocabulary and reading skills. At the end of each section, students take an assessment test to ensure they understand the concepts covered that week. Additionally, the JEI English program and its courses are aligned with all state standards and requirements.

To learn more about the JEI English program, contact the professional tutors from JEL Learning Center at (408) 270-6162, or visit them online for a complete list of services.