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Did You Know Land Clearing Adds to Your Home's Value? Here's Why August 31, 2016

Evansburg, Montgomery County
Did You Know Land Clearing Adds to Your Home's Value? Here's Why, Evansburg, Pennsylvania

Whether or not you’re planning to move soon, adding value to your home is a smart investment for the future. While people are quick to update their kitchen or add fresh coats of paint, many fail to realize the major impact land clearing has on a home’s value. Today, the landscaping experts from Collegeville Tree Service in Montgomery County, PA, will explain why land clearing has such a positive impact on how much your residence is worth. 

First Impressions

Have you ever heard of “curb appeal”? Every realtor’s favorite phrase adeptly encompasses the impact the yard has on a home’s value. Since your yard is the first element visitors notice when approaching your home, it’s only natural it can lend a much-needed value boost.

Practical Concerns

land clearingLand clearing isn’t just for aesthetic reasons. It can also affect the function and safety of your property. For example, removing potentially hazardous trees can protect your home and family from danger. Meanwhile, keeping other trees protects the home from direct sunlight and heavy winds, both of which can reduce your energy costs.

Financial Gain

According to Consumer Reports, tending to your outdoor space can boost your home’s value by about 3 to 5%. In fact, it’s ranked as one of the top ways to add value to your residence. From trimming shrubs to removing trees that obstruct your view, small changes make a major difference. In general, prospective buyers appreciate simple, easy-to-maintain landscapes. 

For the best land clearing and landscaping services in Montgomery County, look no further than Collegeville Tree Service. Whether you need your trees pruned or removed, their experienced arborists will take care of it. For a free quote, call them today at (610) 489-8153 or visit their website 

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