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Pool Prep Tips for the Spring from Gutierrez Pool Plastering March 12, 2013

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Pool Prep Tips for the Spring from Gutierrez Pool Plastering, Scotch Plains, New Jersey

With each passing day, the weather gets better and better. The sun is out, and the rain and snow seem to be nowhere in site. Do you know what that means? It's getting time to take a dip!

When the weather outside is nice enough to wear shorts, that may very well be an indication that you should start preparing your pool, and in case you need a little help deciding where to start, let the experts at Gutierrez Pool Plastering help you with these things to keep in mind.

  • Remove expansion plugs (freeze plugs) from skimmers and wall returns.
  • Uncover the pool and clean out all of the debris.
  • Reassemble the filter, pump, heater and replace drain plugs if necessary.
  • If you don't already have one, you should purchase a vacuum system. This helps to remove algae from the floor and walls.
  • After sitting for so long during the winter its important to test your pH level. The ideal range is between 7.4 and 7.6, so make sure you thoroughly check the balance and chemistry of your pool.
  • Be sure to check your pump and perform a routine backwash to clean out harmful sediments that tends to build up over time and clog your pump.
  • Add the necessary amounts of chlorine for maintaining clean water. Fire up the heater or get the solar blankets in place and get ready to enjoy your pool!

Gutierrez Pool Plastering also offers a series of finishes for redesigning the look of your pool. Exposed Pebble, Plaster White and Quartz finishes provide an exquisite look to any pool that blends in with natural surroundings and eliminates unsightly cracks, streaks, and blotches in a cost effective way. The Pearl and Satin Matrix finishes also allow for exposed natural colored stones to be showcased and your stones of choice can be designed in a variety of combinations to suit your individual style.

It is also important to perform the appropriate inspection to evaluate the overall condition of your pool. If your pool has fallen victim to winter changes that result in lining damage, cracks and leaking, you may need to refinish your pool. Gutierrez Pool Plastering offers three types of finishes to keep your pool looking brand new. You can also receive automatic pool filler installation, stone masonry, benches, steps and waterfalls to create a beautiful location that is great for relaxing and tons of great splish, splash events.

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