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3 Early Indicators Your Child May Need Speech Therapy August 29, 2016

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3 Early Indicators Your Child May Need Speech Therapy, Rochester, New York

Speech disorders that hinder articulation and phonological awareness affect 8% to 9% of all children in the United States. The key to treating these issues is early intervention, a hallmark of the speech therapy provided by the Rochester Hearing & Speech Center. For more than 90 years, this Rochester, NY, speech and hearing clinic has been treating children and adults for a wide range of auditory, vocal, and cognitive challenges.

The Rochester Hearing & Speech Center discusses three indicators your child may need speech therapy.

  • Rochester-NY-speech-therapyLittle Or No Social Interaction: From the time they're born to around 3 months of age, babies will give subtle but unmistakable clues they are socializing. These include smiling and interacting with other people. Older infants will babble and gradually build skills like making sounds and gestures. If your child isn't hitting these milestones, a speech language disorder may be the cause.
  • Unclear Speech: Children typically will be expanding their vocabularies and stringing together words by the time they are 18 months old. Many toddlers are difficult to understand to an outsider, but parents and other family members should be able to decipher what the child is saying. If there are issues making these distinctions, or the child is speaking little or not at all, speech therapy at the Rochester Hearing & Speech Center is a smart step to take.
  • Difficulty With Sounds & Words After Age 2: Children age 2 and older start to master easier sounds that come naturally; P-sounds and M-sounds are classic examples. A child struggling with these easier aspects of speech development may benefit from speech therapy.

Call the Rochester Hearing & Speech Center at (585) 271-0680 to schedule an appointment with a speech pathologist. You also can visit them online to learn more about their services. By knowing the signs of potential speech language disorders, you can begin speech therapy treatment that will help your child develop and perfect the way they communicate with the world.

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