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WI's Dental Pros: Cosmetic Dentistry Costs Less Than You Think August 29, 2016

Ripon, Fond du Lac
WI's Dental Pros: Cosmetic Dentistry Costs Less Than You Think, Ripon, Wisconsin

When you feel insecure about your smile, cosmetic dentistry is an effective and affordable way to regain your confidence. Whether you need veneers, teeth whitening, or dental implants, Hillside Dental Associates, the most trusted and reliable dental office in Ripon, WI, offers the highest quality work, red-carpet patient care, and rates that are much lower than anticipated.

Here’s an overview of the services Hillside Dental Associated provides:

Teeth Whitening

The simplest cosmetic dentistry procedure, teeth whitening involves bleaching stained or discolored teeth to return them to a bright, shiny white. An in-office procedure costs roughly $500 and requires two to three office visits—the first to take impressions of your teeth, and the others to apply a course of treatments. You will also have to apply the whitener to your teeth regularly at home for three to four weeks.

Dental Bonding

During dental bonding, an ivory-colored resin is applied to your teeth, hardened with ultraviolet light, and then shaped and polished into an attractive smile. The procedure takes about an hour and costs only $100 to $400 per tooth.  

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers aHillside-Dental-Associates-dentist-WIre thin shells of porcelain bonded to the front surface of your teeth to change their shape, color, and length. They can dramatically improve the looks of cracked, chipped, or misshapen teeth. Costs run between $500 and $1,300 per tooth.

Dental Crowns

A crown or cap slips entirely over a tooth that is damaged or decaying, restoring it and preventing weak teeth from breaking. Depending on the material used, a crown costs between $500 and $900.

Dental Implants

Dental implants serve as replacement tooth roots and are fitted into the bone socket where a tooth used to be. The implant acts as an anchor for a replacement tooth and costs $1,500 to $3,000 per implant.

Dental insurance rarely covers cosmetic dentistry, except in cases of structural problems that affect dental health. Hillside Dental Associates, an independent, hometown dental office in Ripon, WI, will answer any questions you have and provides first class dental care that is both painless and affordable. Visit them online to learn more, or call (920) 748-6122 to speak to a friendly professional about your teeth whitening or cosmetic dentistry needs.

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