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Pool Prodigy Offers Next Generation Pool Care for Spring March 12, 2013

Scotch Plains, Union
Pool Prodigy Offers Next Generation Pool Care for Spring, Scotch Plains, New Jersey

Everyone likes fun water parks, but when you have a pool at home, you can bring all the same splish splash action to you!

The spring invites more than just warm weather into life. It also provides a great opportunity to showcase your glistening pool. While having your own backyard pool calls for a tremendous amount of maintenance, using the Pool Prodigy from Gutierrez Pool Plastering can make your fresh water oasis clean and clear with minimal upkeep and a lot more opportunities to have fun.

Pool Prodigy is a new and innovative product from WetEdge Technologies that purifies pool and spa water without adding chlorine or salt, while maintaining pH and alkalinity levels.

The Pool Prodigy simplifies pool maintenance unlike any other product in the industry! The Pool Prodigy tank is filled with pool acid and a proprietary solution called RK-12. A power supply then measures electrical charge through two electrodes inside the unit.

This patent pending process separates the molecules in the solution, creating unique sanitizing ions, which accumulate as a mist in the top of the unit. The pure sanitizing ions kills all bacteria and algae in the pool while constantly balancing the pH level and alkalinity of the water for optimal performance. The ions are then drawn out of the Pool Prodigy tank into your swimming pool to create a more refined swimming experience.

With the Pool Prodigy, you'll simply never have to worry about stepping out to make sure everything is working, because this all encompassing system works to make your life simpler.

For avid eco-friendly customers, the Pool Prodigy is also an EPA approved green product, that is available in four sizes to fit every pool. The Pool Prodigy is also a cost effective way to get your pool ready for swimming season.

Be sure to check out Gutierrez Pool Plastering's services for pool repair and restoration.

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