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Pool Plastering With Glass Bead FX Helps Preserve Your Pool March 12, 2013

Scotch Plains, Union
Pool Plastering With Glass Bead FX Helps Preserve Your Pool, Scotch Plains, New Jersey

Any pool owner can attest to the care and maintenance required to keep a pool as functional and beautiful as the day it was installed. As a pool is enjoyed over the years, regular use and cleaning routines can contribute to the wear and tear of pools. For pool owners who want to keep their pool protected, Gutierrez Pool Plastering offers Glass Bead FX pool plastering, an attractive and sturdy pool finishing option that brings luxurious color and texture to any pool.

The team at Gutierrez Pool Plastering strives to enhance the aesthetics of each pool by bringing the artistry of vacation resort pools into the customer's backyard. Wet Edge pool finish technology is utilized instead of unreliable plaster to create a pool finish that has the strength and longevity that only fortified cement can guarantee.

Beauty is never sacrified for strength, however. When choosing a Wet Edge or Prism Matrix pool finish, customers can elect to add Glass Bead FX to their pool plastering finish for a accent of vibrant, smooth beads. Beads come in colors such as turquoise, red, sea mist, amber, emerald green, and various other rich hues.

Each bead selected by Gutierrez Pool Plastering is of the highest quality, selected and processed through their own quarries and processing facilities. With high-quality fade-resistant dyes, Glass Bead FX beads catch the natural light that streams into your pool and bring a long lasting shimmer to the surface.

As you take a cool dip in your own vibrant pool and feel the incredible texture of the glass beads against your skin, you will realize that vacation resort pools cannot compare to your own oasis at home! Fortify your pool with Gutierrez Pool Plastering's Glass Bead FX pool-plastering service for a durable, artisanal finish to your own backyard.

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