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Is Your Pool Summer Ready? Get Everything You Need From Gutierrez Pool Plastering May 30, 2013

Scotch Plains, Union
Is Your Pool Summer Ready? Get Everything You Need From Gutierrez Pool Plastering, Scotch Plains, New Jersey

Summer isn't complete without barbecues, vacations, and of course days spent in the swimming pool to escape the unyielding heat. To get your swimming pool summer ready Gutierrez Pool Plastering offers a number of essentials, as well as accessories to ensure that you have everything you need for the season.

Here are just few things you’ll need to make sure your pool is absolutely perfect this summer:

Pool Filter & Test Strips: Ensuring your pool is safe before taking a dip is crucial. Swimming in untreated pool water is detrimental and unhealthy, so be sure to test the water regularly for the right PH and chlorine balance. Too much chlorine in the water will dry your skin and hurts your eyes, while too little allows bacteria and algae to grow.

Goggles, Nose Clips & Earplugs: Each of these are important to keep your eyes, nose, and ears healthy in chlorinated water. If you're spending a lot of time swimming and diving underwater, protecting these body parts is critical for your long term health. Avoid infections of the eyes, sinus, and ears by protecting yourself if you intend to swim for long periods of time.

Sunscreen: Unless you have an indoor pool you’re likely to get quite a bit of sun when swimming. Be sure to apply water resistant sunscreen to your back, shoulders, and face regularly to avoid sunburns.

Visit Gutierrez Pool Plastering for everything you need for your swimming pool this summer! 

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