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New Medical Supplies to Make Wearing a CPAP More Comfortable August 31, 2016

Richmond, Madison
New Medical Supplies to Make Wearing a CPAP More Comfortable, Richmond, Kentucky

CPAP, or continuous positive airway pressure, is a treatment for anyone who has breathing problems, especially while they sleep. The treatment works by keeping air passages in the sinuses open through air pressure. Usually, CPAP involves a mask, a tube, and a motor. While they are small, they can be uncomfortable for some people as they can limit mobility while sleeping or cause skin irritation.

At EZ Care Medical, providing medical supplies, uniforms, and assistive devices, a series of new medical accessories are now being offered to make wearing a CPAP more comfortable. Here are brief descriptions for the five CPAP-related medical supplies now available:

  • Sleep Apnea CPAP Pillow: This pillow is designed to keep the CPAP tubes in place and keep the air from escaping. It’s a hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial medical accessory, meant to promote easy breathing rhythms during the sleep cycle.
  • CPAP Chin Strap: This chin strap is a gentle assistive device, keeping the wearer’s jaw closed, so oral and nasal drying is prevented. It has an adjustable strap and is lined so it isn’t harsh on the skin. It works with all types of CPAP masks.
  • Memory Pillow Sleep Ease Apnea: The memory foam in this pillow molds perfectly to your shoulders, neck, and head support, allowing for optimal comfort. It also includes a contact-free mask, which makes sleeping on your side or back easier. This pillow can also be used for BiPAP (bilevel positive airway pressure) machine users.
  • CPAP Comfort Pads: Comfort pads come in a set of two, and are meant to act as a buffer between the CPAP mask and skin. This prevents the skin from becoming chafed or otherwise irritated by the mask. The 100% polyester pads are washable, so you can reuse them without needing to purchase new ones.
  • CPAP Soft Gel Nasal Cushion: Another medical accessory meant for protecting the skin, the nasal cushions prevent soreness in the bridge of the nose, skin irritation, and mask leaks. They are silicone-free and made with latex.

For more information on CPAP medical supplies or to order other assistive devices offered at EZ Care Medical, visit the website.

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