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How to Choose the Right Mattress Pad for Your Lifestyle September 5, 2016

Mason, Warren
How to Choose the Right Mattress Pad for Your Lifestyle, Mason, Ohio

Whether you want to increase the comfort of your bed or improve the way that you sleep at night, adding a mattress pad to your bed is an easy and affordable way to transform your daily resting hours into a relaxing, dream-filled slumber. While there are many different kinds of mattress toppers to choose from, DOWNLITE has made the selecting process easier by offering you some basic guidelines for pairing your day-to-day needs with your mattress pad, guaranteed to serve you well in a good night’s sleep.

Before you pick up the first product you see, follow these tips for getting the right mattress pad for your bed:

  • imageSupport, Comfort & Density: If you’ve already had the pleasure of sleeping on a mattress pad and it’s time to get a new one, then you’re probably interested in finding a product that matches the previous model’s level of support, comfort, and density. For those of you with back problems, it’s always best to stick with a mattress pad that’s more firm; however, if you’re interested in maximum comfort, then go with a less dense variety.
  • Noise Reduction & Body Heat: Even if you and your partner cuddle throughout the night, you might want to take that into consideration when selecting a mattress pad. Some materials, like wool and down, retain more heat than synthetic padding, meaning it will be less conducive to summer temperatures. Additionally, latex and foam are best if you or your partner are light sleepers because it’s quieter.
  • Mobility & Cleanliness: When it’s time to pack up your bags and go to college, picking up a mattress pad is a great way to provide your dorm room with some supplemental comfort. Egg crate and cotton are the easiest to clean and transport, while latex and down prove to be more difficult to take care of.

To get a better idea of what type of mattress pad to purchase for your bed, browse the inventory on the DOWNLITE website, or call (866) 931-3696.