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Prevent Winter Damage to Your Pool With These Maintenance Tips From Gutierrez Pool Plastering February 18, 2014

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Prevent Winter Damage to Your Pool With These Maintenance Tips From Gutierrez Pool Plastering, Scotch Plains, New Jersey

With winter snow and ice continuing to bear down on the East coast, the last thing on your mind is the backyard swimming pool. However, having the right pool cover is critical if you want to save yourself time and numerous repairs in the summer months. Gutierrez Pool Plastering offers New Jersey residents the highest quality pool renovations and pool redesign services, providing homeowners with the right equipment to protect and restore their swimming pools.

Icy buildup and dramatic temperature changes will seriously damage your pool’s interior if left exposed, costing you hundreds in repairs. The professional pool tiling experts at Gutierrez Pool Plastering see dozens of collapsed pools each spring all do to improper maintenance during the harsh winter months.

Here are a few tips to find the right pool cover for your home’s swimming pool:

  • Always Select a Pool Cover Based on Size: Do not purchase a pool cover the exact size of your pool. Covers should have up to five inches of extra overlap depending on the shape of your pool. Be sure that you have enough slack to lay your cover over your pool.
  • Do Not Stretch Your Pool Cover: A cover should be laid over water, not stretched over the pool. Stretched covers with drag in the sides and buckle under the weight of rain water, ice, and snow.
  • Leave Some Water Atop Your Cover: When removing snow and water atop your pool cover, leave at least one inch of water to prevent wind damage during storms.

Although summer may seem like an eternity away, taking the proper steps to protect your pool now will save you hundreds in repairs later. Be sure to follow these tips and cover your pool properly to avoid collapses and damage. Call the expert pool tiling experts of Gutierrez Pool Plastering at (908) 756-7585 for additional consultation and information to protect your pool this winter. 

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