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Schedule an Eye Exam Now Before School Resumes August 30, 2016

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Schedule an Eye Exam Now Before School Resumes, Cold Spring, Kentucky

School is almost back in session. If your child needs new glasses or wishes to switch to contacts, or if you simply want an eye doctor to give your youngster an eye exam, now is the time to do it. Wing Eyecare, the premier eye care center in Cincinnati, has been serving southern Ohio and northern Kentucky for over 100 years. Since their founding in 1914, Wing Eyecare has offered the highest-quality optometry services, as well as stylish, durable eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses.

Good Vision & Good Grades Are Linked

Does your child seem to be struggling in school? If they are otherwise a bright student and a quick learner, vision problems may be at the root of the issue. If kids can't see the board, how can they get good grades? In many cases, there is a direct link between a student's vision correction and success in school. Much of the learning process is visual, whether it's notes on a whiteboard, PowerPoint presentations, or instructional videos. You can help your child maximize their academic achievement by making sure they can see the visual aids the teacher relies on.

Schedule An Eye Exam Now

eye examThe best time to discover your child's vision needs correction is now, before the school year gets fully underway. It is never too early to check; some children need glasses even in kindergarten. Don't rely on school screenings, which are very limited in scope and uncover problems only rarely. Only a small percentage of vision problems are initially detected through school screenings, so you should schedule an eye exam with a trusted eye doctor of your own choosing.

Wing Eyecare, the premier eye care center in Cincinnati, offers premium optometry services, convenient hours, and affordable prices. Although they carry a wide selection of eye wear, their focus is on optometry and vision correction, not on retail sales. For more information, visit their website, or call (888) 274-9464 to speak to a courteous and knowledgeable expert about scheduling an eye exam today.

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