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Why Pet Wellness Exams Are Integral to Your Pet's Health August 25, 2016

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Why Pet Wellness Exams Are Integral to Your Pet's Health, Avon, Ohio

Just like you, your pet needs regular medical visits to stay healthy. During a routine wellness exam, your veterinarian will monitor any potential conditions and help prevent illness or disease.  To maintain your pet’s health, Avon Animal & Bird Hospital in Avon, OH, provides premier veterinary services to your furry or feathered friend needs.

How often your pet needs a wellness exam depends on his or her unique needs and circumstances.Since pets age much faster than humans do, frequent visits are important to stay on top of health changes. In general, one visit a year is the minimum for all pets. Whether you have a bird or a dog, ask your vet what’s right for your pal.

Here are a few excellent reasons why pet wellness exams are important to your pet’s health:

  • pet wellnessPrevention: Due to genetic factors, pets generally will not display any physical signs of illness or disease. Without the expertise of your veterinarian, any issues will likely go untreated, which can have severe health consequences. Meanwhile, with regular pet wellness exams, your vet can detect the early signs of issues like obesity, ear infections, and dental disease, and combat them before they exacerbate.
  • Longer Lifespan: With the help of vaccinations, de-worming, and other wellness exam services, you can help your pet live longer and healthier. Your pet’s health circumstances may also demand a specialized diet or lifestyle in order to live their most fulfilling life.
  • Save Money & Trouble: With regular wellness exams, your vet will be able to detect and treat issues in the earliest stages. On the other hand, as diseases and conditions progress, they can be much more costly and time-consuming to treat. Even if the issue can be combatted in later stages, it will be much more taxing on your pet’s health and wellbeing.  

For the best veterinarians in Avon, look no further than Avon Animal & Bird Hospital. To schedule a pet wellness exam appointment, call a friendly professional at (440) 934-6516. For more information about the veterinary hospital, visit the website

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