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Here's Why You Should Never Hire a Friend to Be Your Wedding Photographer August 29, 2016

Long Island City, Queens
Here's Why You Should Never Hire a Friend to Be Your Wedding Photographer, Queens, New York

Every savvy couple wants to save money on wedding planning, and there are lots of things that couples can do themselves or enlist their friends and family to help with, but photography is not one of them. While many people have photography as a hobby and enjoy experimenting with filters and effects, taking timeless wedding photos that are worthy keepsakes requires a professional touch. 

Isaiah Tanenbaum Photography, a well-known event photographer based in Queens, has encountered his fair share of DIY wedding photography stories gone wrong. If you’re still considering having a friend or family member do your wedding photos for you, check out these reasons professionals know you should always hire a pro. 

3 Reasons You Should Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer

Professionals Are Consistent

If anyone takes enough photos, they’ll end up with a few that look pretty good! You probably have friends who post great pictures on social media and who like of think of themselves as photographers, but consistency is key. You don’t want a photographer who gets one great shot for every 500 pictures they take; you want lots of great photos of your big day! Professionals are more consistent in the quality of their work, which means you’ll have many well-composed shots to display after your wedding. 

You Can Be Honest With A Pro 

Wedding PhotographerIsaiah Tanenbaum Photography has had lots of couples approach them after a friend’s failed attempt to take engagement photos. One major reason to opt for a professional wedding photographer is that you don’t have to worry about ruining a relationship or being honest about feedback. Once you ask a friend to be your photographer, it can be extremely difficult to tell them your honest opinions or make direct requests. When you work with a pro, you can be direct, and they won’t get offended or hurt. 

Photos Last A Lifetime

Perhaps the most compelling reason to hire a professional wedding photographer is the permanent nature of your photos. If the friend shooting your wedding makes a bunch of composition or lighting errors, doesn’t direct you well, or even fails to back up the photos properly, there’s nothing you can do about it. 

Hiring a reputable wedding photographer ensures that you’ll have stunning photos of your wedding that can be cherished for years to come. To find out more about hiring a wedding photographer in the Long Island City area call Isaiah Tanenbaum Photography at (917) 692-5737 or visit them online now.

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