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Give the Gift of Vinyl Records Courtesy of NYC Record Store November 29, 2012

West Village, Manhattan
Give the Gift of Vinyl Records Courtesy of NYC Record Store, Manhattan, New York

As the holiday season approaches you may be looking for a unique and interesting gift to get the music lover in your life. Vinyl records may seem antiquated by contemporary standards, but they are incredibly versatile. Academy Records, voted by Rolling Stone as one of the best record stores in the U.S, offers a wide assortment of LP’s ranging over a sweeping array of genres, styles, and availability.

The vinyl record is surging back into contemporary music stores. The appeal and the interest of this medium continues to resonant, with many independent record labels commissioning new LP pressings, among their CD and digital releases.

But what are you truly getting with an LP that you can’t get with a digital MP3 file, or with a CD? What is the draw that infatuates so many collectors, sellers, and enthusiasts? LPs are much larger than CD’s, and that tangible size offers a more engaging product. LP’s, especially those of the 1970’s and early 1980’s focused on interesting and creative album art and cover design. This, in combination with progressive music, led to some very iconic and groundbreaking albums, which many still enjoy today. LP’s also list a more detailed account regarding band members, recording information, instruments, sound engineers, etc., garnering a more in-depth appreciation.

Although debatable, many claim that a record produces warmer and denser sounds. Many collectors and record coinsurers state that turntables produce a more nuanced sound compared to that of CD’s and digital downloads. MP3 files can produce thinner notes, especially if compressed into lower resolution formats.

Vinyl records offer a unique and novel way to give and receive the gift of music this holiday season. Academy Records carries both the newest pressings as well as the old classics, ensuring that you can find something for everyone, regardless of the decade your music tastes may lie.