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5 Tips To Keep Your Turntable Spinning From The Pro's At Academy Records February 18, 2013

West Village, Manhattan
5 Tips To Keep Your Turntable Spinning From The Pro's At Academy Records , Manhattan, New York

Turntables and records have been making a steady resurgence over the last few years, fueled by newfound vinyl coinsurers scoring record stores like Chelsea’s Academy Records. Boasting a wide selection of new and old vinyl records over a sweeping array of genres and styles, collectors can find everything and anything at Academy Records.

But what good are vinyl records without a record player? Academy Records explains the very important steps one should take to care and ensure the longevity of your turntable.

  1. Set Up. Always make sure your record player is laid flat and on a stable surface. Rocking a turntable while it spins can damage your record and leave it permanently scratched.
  2. Care for Your Stylus. The stylus (or 'needle') which touches the records grooves and picks up the music, is extraordinarily sensitive. Do not clean the needle with the tip of your fingers, as the ridges in your fingertip will damage it. Invest in a needle cleaning brush and solution available at Academy Records. Oils and dirt from your hands will attract dust and ruin the sound quality. Change the needle when you notice any diminished sound quality. A general rule of thumb is every 200 to 300 hours of play time, but this can fluctuate depending on how frequently you use your turntable.
  3. Always exercise caution when cueing your records. Cueing or placing the needle on the spinning record can be damaging if done too quickly. If your turntable has a cue button, use that rather than manually cueing.
  4. Care For Your Tone Arm. Make sure that your tone arm is balanced and uses less than 2 grams of force (via the rear weight of the ton arm) whenever possible. This will minimize wear and tear.
  5. Moving. When moving your turntable pack it carefully. Secure any moving parts, such as the platter and tone arm, and wrap the needle and lid up with plastic covers. Needles and lids are easily damaged during transit.

Check out Academy Records for the best selection of new and used vinyl records, as well as a variety of used and new turntables. 

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