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3 Easy Ways to Conserve Clean Water August 25, 2016

New Haven, New Haven, CT
3 Easy Ways to Conserve Clean Water, New Haven, Connecticut

The infinite number of ways you use clean water every day warrants extra care to prevent water wastage. According to Regional Water Authority, just by making small adjustments in your daily life, you can ensure public water conservation. For more than 150 years, the New Haven, CT-based non-profit organization has remained at the forefront of raising awareness about conserving water locally. 

Regional Water Authority offers the following tips to conserve clean water:

  • Fix Leaky Connections: Tiny droplets falling from a leaking faucet may not seem like much, but they can accumulate into a large quantity of wasted water. To stop water wastage, check to see if the faucet is tightly shut off or not. If it is and the water continues to flow out, call a plumber to fix the leak. Similarly, a constantly running toilet also contributes toward a needless waste of water.
  • Clean WaterRun Water Efficiently: During winter months, it’s common for people to leave the faucet running to get warm water. This amounts to throwing away perfectly potable water for a few moments of convenience. As a solution to this problem, Regional Water Authority suggests brushing your teeth before washing your face in the morning. This allows you to put the water to good use while heating up the water so you can wash your face comfortably.
  • Use Appliances When Full: Running your laundry and dishwasher appliances may be part of your daily routine, but they both result in high usage of clean water. The best way to cut back on water consumption is to wait until you have a full load of dishes or laundry. For even more effective results, Regional Water Authority strongly advises opting for ENERGY STAR-rated appliances, which use less water and electricity.

Working tirelessly to improve and conserve clean water, Regional Water Authority is happy to share these insights on efficient conservation methods. Simple to adopt, their advice is extremely effective in ensuring that drinking and tap water remain easily accessible for everyone. For further information about their public water initiatives, call (203) 562-4020 or visit their website.

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