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Why Oil Changes Are Vital to Your Car's Health August 26, 2016

St. Charles, St. Charles
Why Oil Changes Are Vital to Your Car's Health, St. Charles, Missouri

Owning a car is more than a one-time purchase; it’s a commitment to care for your machine for years to come. Oil changes are the most common maintenance activity you will perform on your car, and probably the most important. At Frecks and Sons’ Automotive, they’ve seen the dangers of ignoring an oil change and want their customers to stay informed and on the road.

To help, they’ve created this guide to motor oil, detailing why it’s so important and it’s relationship with both old and new cars:

The Importance Of Oil Changes

What Is Motor Oil?

Motor oil is wmotor-oil-change-Frecks-&-Sonshat keeps everything in your engine moving. If gasoline is the food your car eats, oil is the water, keeping everything lubricated and running smoothly. Without oil, the machinery inside the engine will start to degrade and eventually stop working.

Oil Changes In New Cars

In new cars, it’s important to keep a regular schedule for oil changes as the motor is still being broken in. Consistency in car care will also help down the road, as nonmetal parts inside the engine will stay supple and won’t dry or crack. Scheduled oil changes also provide a good benchmark to plan other maintenance. For example, if tires should be rotated every 6,000 miles, your oil change can serve as a reminder to monitor your mileage. Staying on schedule will cut down on costs for larger jobs like brake repair and fuel pump replacement by preventing issues in the first place.

Oil Changes And Older Cars

In used cars, there’s sometimes no telling what former owners did regarding maintenance. That means it’s on you to at least maintain the state the car was in when it became yours, and that means regular oil changes. As with a new car, get on a good schedule and make sure you stick to it. 

With older cars inengine-repair-Saint-Peters-MO particular, the insides of engines can collect dirt, grit, and dust. The oil inside the engine helps collect that grit and keep the finely machined parts inside the engine strong, minimizing the need for engine repairs. As it collects dirt and grime, oil gets dark and particulate-filled. If oil goes unchanged, your engine runs at thousands of RPMs for hundreds of miles with all those little pieces of dirt or grit, wearing away even a strong aluminum or steel block and piston. By changing out the oil, you keep your car healthy and cut down on engine repairs. 

With consistent oil changes, your car will run longer, you’ll have a better idea of its maintenance needs, and you will save money. 

For questions or to schedule an oil change in the St. Peters, MO area, call Frecks and Sons’ Automotive at (636) 928-5326 or visit their website. Their years of experience will have your car running smoothly for years to come.
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