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Tips to Prevent & Mend Your Warped Vinyl Records From Academy Records April 19, 2013

West Village, Manhattan
Tips to Prevent & Mend Your Warped Vinyl Records From Academy Records, Manhattan, New York

Among avid vinyl collectors nothing is more distressing, heartbreaking, frustrating, and even angering than discovering the record you have long been scouring for is warped. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is unlistenable, and Academy Records in Chelsea offers a few helpful tips to try and mend that precious used vinyl record.

Storing your records correctly is the best way to prevent warping. Stacking them in tight vertical rows with the openings facing the back minimizes strain and dust collection. Not only will this help them remain flat but it can also straighten records that are already warped. Also remove shrink wrap around records, although seemingly valuable, can contract over time and damage the jacket and record. Get loose plastic covers if you wish to protect your jackets.

Trying to flatten a record is always a gamble but the risk is worth the reward. There is no fool proof method, but thinner vinyl tends to respond better. If the warping is light, laying it flat under heavy books or other LPs can easy straighten things out.

For seriously warped records try laying the LP under glass. The glass should be 14 square inches and ¼ to ½ inches thick; using the glass from an old picture frame works fine. Sandwich the record between two panes of glass and heat it to 200 degrees in your oven for 10 minutes. Let it cool slowly and see if the warping has diminished. Continue to apply heat for added affects.

Continue to expand your vinyl collection at Academy Records. Browse used and new vinyl records as well as a wide selection of CD’s and DVD’s. With a constantly updated inventory that gem will surely turn up again soon.